Tuesday, September 06, 2005

its a sad thing...-deb

its a sad thing, life
a barrier of everything
why cant it just be a slip and slide
everytime i slip i bleed
caught on the rocks
my tarp isnt thick enough i guess

did you want me to carry you?
why didnt you say something?
you said that love was enough,
but it never works out
all i wanted was to fly

i was never trying to reach for the sky
i dont think ill ever reach that high...
then what do you do when you get there
the only place to go is down
so why dont we just go down now?
instead of the slow fight we never win
a tugging sensation on our minds
never quite going away
i would rather drown peacefully
than die trying...what did the trying do
but make the pain last longer.
thats all life is, pain
pain ever shooting through our bodies
as they decay
soon tucked 6 feet under


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James Tubman said...


i'm a pisces too and the word that characterizes us most is emotional

you got me by a year though, but i see in your poetry that you have those highs and lows too

you should read a post of mine

"how to be happy no matter what"

you might like it.

ps. i loved this piece by the way

it really captures the mind state of a person who has a fear of success, like myself sometimes

DuskyHue said...

I really liked this one, although it made me want to curl up under a blanket and squeeze a stuffed animal.

DuskyHue said...

...you may want to set up your account so you can screen your comments, so you don't have so much spam. D: